Make friendzone great again

Meet new people in a way that completely dissolves
awkward social barriers

Speeddating's friendly and fun twin sister, where the goal is to friendzone each other through engaging and good conversations

Speedfriending offline

You get a conversation starting question to get the juices flowing, and seven minutes to get to know each other better. Studies show that 60% of people meet again after the event.

People interacting with eachother at online speedfriending event

Speedfriending online

We moved the social arenas into digital surfaces. Collaborating with a number of student organizations we made the study period during the pandemic a little more social.

Speedfriending app

For several years we dreamed of creating a social app that allows people to get in touch with each other more easily, also regardless of our events. The app is currently in private beta testing, and will soon be available on your device.

We create fun and engaging meeting places, where strangers become friends

We’ve moved between cities and across national borders, and every time we found a new place, we also had to find new friends and social networks. We saw that this could be done in a far more fun and efficient way, and with that the foundation for the project was created.

Join Us

Join us on our mission to make the world a friendlier place, where conversations between strangers are seen as both fun and exciting. We would like to start by creating social local communities, campuses and workplaces.

We are looking for ambitious and forward-thinking partners who want to create a world with social meeting places where people meet, talk and become friends, and where open conversations with strangers are the new normal.

"All the friends I have in this city, I met at Speedfriending"

– Speedfriender

Speedfriending 2.0

Swipe your way to a more social summer, take initiative and create a more friendly world together with us. This is the app to download if you want to meet new friends and acquaintances, either you are travelling, have moved to a new place or are just tired of that book you are reading in the park.

Match with people based on interest, values and location

Speedfriending calendar, with social event in your city

Questions feature in chat to get the conversation started

Friendzone with all your new friends

Latest news

Speedfriending 2.0

Speedfriending 2.0

We have finally launched the Speedfriending 2.0 app! The app is both available on AppStore and on GooglePlay! After spending quite some time on getting feedback from users on the

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We are hiring!

Due to a sharp increase of planned events, and new and exciting cooperations, we are now recruiting. To reach our ambitious goals, we are looking for engaging and fun loving

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    Speedfriending chat

    The app that helps you find new friends

    We are currently in private beta testing, and will soon release the Speedfriending app. Request early access and be one of the first ones to test it out!