With the speedfriending app, finding new friends has never been more fun

Match with people based on your location

Almost like tinder, but with the intention of making friends. Swipe through the user base and match with people based on your location, interests and age. Making new friends has never been easier.

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Get the conversation

Not sure how to start the conversation? With our perfect ice-breaker that’s not gonna be a problem. With hundreds of fun and creative questions you will never miss a topic to talk about. 

Find events
near you

There is nothing quite like our live events. We’ve made sure you’re always up to date with when, and where our next event takes place. If you don’t find any events near you, reach out and we will try to make one!

Come join us!

You can find the app both on the App store and Google Play. We are looking forward to seeing you in the friendzoning gang!

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Speedfriending chat

The app that helps you find new friends

We are currently in private beta testing, and will soon release the Speedfriending app. Request early access and be one of the first ones to test it out!