Building a friendlier and more social world

Speedfriending is a fun and fast paced way to meet and connect with people

Designed to spark interesting conversations
and to lower the threshold for talking with strangers


Speedfriending is the fun and social little sister of the more well known dating concept. It’s designed to spark creative conversations and to lower the threshold for talking with strangers. Showing that good conversations and possible friendships is just a simple hey – and question away.

Connects people

Meet and connect with people in a fun, fast and exciting way. We ask questions that let you explore the space of conversation, and get to know the other person in a deeper, more meaningful way, than just the typical small talk.

Also on digital surfaces

Being in the middle of a pandemic with restrictions that make socializing more challenging, we lifted the physical events to digital surfaces. The same exciting events, experienced from the comfort of your own home. We have recently also launched our own app, which you can find in both AppStore and Google Play. 

Explore the space of conversation

What's the closest thing to real magic?

The sort of questions we ask, and you will have to answer to make the conversations interesting.

Dynamic and exciting events

With just a few minutes with each participant, we ensure that the events are dynamic and exciting

Build lasting

The perfect way to meet new people, and start off what may be friendships that lasts a lifetime. 

Loneliness and involuntary isolation is one of the biggest health challenges of our time. We aim to decrease the statistics

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Speedfriending chat

The app that helps you find new friends

We are currently in private beta testing, and will soon release the Speedfriending app. Request early access and be one of the first ones to test it out!