Speedfriending Oslostudent edition – vol. 2

Online event
💬✨Speedfriending – Oslostudent edition – Vol. 2✨💬
After a record number of visitors last week and with an afterparty that ended after 11PM, expectations are high for Wednesday’s event! We look forward to asking new questions and dilemmas, introducing people to each other and creating great conversations again.
At Speedfriending, we ask the questions the following conversation is built on, and it’s a place where you have awesome conversations with a wide range of fellow students.
The conversations last for eight minutes in a break-out room where there are three people talking together.
Speedfriending creates several fun conversations, and you quickly get to know each other. This is great if you have moved to a new city, or now that we are in the middle of a challenging pandemic.
We hope to see you, and that you also contribute to creating a more social, fun and inclusive study environment by inviting great people to the event!

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