Speedfriending x SiO – summer edition vol. 1

Online event
The sun is shining, exams are coming to an end and summer is coming. It’s ice cream for lunch, restrictions are easing and the reopening is underway. Better times are ahead, but who will we bike around Oslo with, barbeque in Frognerparken or jump into the sea from Sørenga with? 🩴🌞🍉🏄🏖️
Don´t worry. We´ll fix this on the next two Thursdays.
On these Speedfriending events, we’ll give you questions and dilemmas with a summer theme, and we end the night with an afterparty that lasts until the last conversation is over. Last time it was in the middle of the night. We encourage wallpapers with sun, summer and beach, and if you have a summer hat or flower wreath, feel free to put it on!
Welcome to speeddating’s friendly and fun little sister, where the goal is to friendzone each other through creative conversations. In advance, we have put together a list of (summer) questions and dilemmas that we ask in plenary, then we put you together in groups of three or four, where the conversation lasts for eight minutes.
We have now done this well over a hundred times, and it tends to go very well. Throughout the event, we also set up the evening’s messenger chat, to make it easier for everyone to take the initiative and stay in touch throughout the summer.
We hope to see you there!

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