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Interview with about speedfriending, covid-19, the importance of great friends and where you can find them.

Last week we had a great conversation with journalist Jenny Marie Baksaas in, a Norwegian journal with focus on “cultivating curiosity about man and psychology – the scientific study of behavior and mental processes”.

“Can it be useful to expand our network, also in adulthood? Yes, according to the two social entrepreneurs who have made “speedfriending” popular all over Norway.”

Thank you for a great interview, it was our first in a long time and the first with our new COO, Julie! 😄

If anyone out there wants to join *team Speedfriending*, we are currently looking for a CTO, UX/UI-designer and a fullstack developer!

Together you will be a part of a forward leaning team, creating social arenas where strangers meet and we will friendzone the world!

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